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By | March 30, 2016

The School of Rock 210 Movie CLIP Hung Over 2003 HD

Okay, who's got food in here you're not going to get in trouble.I'm hungry.You.What do you got mmhmm.That's what i'm talking about.Ltigtmuffledltigt okay.Teach.Teach.Teach.All right, look, here's the deal.I've got a hangover.Who knows what that means doesn't that mean you're drunk no.It means i was drunk ltigtyesterday.Ltigt it means you're an alcoholic.Wrong.You wouldn't come to work hungover unless you were an alcoholic.Dude, you got a disease.Hmm.Hmm.What's your name freddy jones.Hmm.Freddy jones, shut up.

ltigtlaughterltigt ltigtquietlyltigt shut up.The point is, you all can just chill today.We'll start on this crapola tomorrow.Yes, tinkerbell summer.As class factotum, first, i'd like to just say welcome to horace green.Thank you.Do you have any questions about our schedule 'cause usually now ms.Dunham teaches vocabulary, then gives us a pop quiz, then she'll split us up into our reading groups.Track b is.Okay, hey, hey, hey.Miss dumbum ain't your teacher today, i am, and i got a headache and the runs,.

The Duck Song

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