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By | March 30, 2016

Caltrans News Flash 53 Caltrans Responds to Massive Mudslide on Hwy 58

Hi, i'm florene trainor.I'm caltrans district 9 public information officer and we're out here at the state route 58 mudslide that happened on thursday october 14th 2015.I'm standing here with dave batchelder.He is the maintenance manager for this district and he's going to tell us a little bit about what happened out here.Dave, what happened on thursday and what did you see it was just before dark and it was chaos looked like an apocalypse.There was trucks and cars stacked on top of each other, there were.

Cars in the air as high as 10 feet sitting on top of mud.As i looked around there was a lot of people in and out of their vehicles and a lot of a lot of mud.Started making phone calls at approximately 530 and requesting help and the first thing out of the person's mouth was well, do you need a loader and at that point in time i realized you know they really don't understand how big this was.When the sun came up the next day even i was amazed.We had.

Approximately two miles of road that was completely under mud.It ranged anywhere from 2 feet deep to 12 feet deep.Wow, that's absolutely incredible.And just so you know this event and others that we may anticipate this year in el nio conditions the scale of it was much greater than i had imagined until you're actually on the ground you can't get a feel for the scope of what's required in something like this.This was an event that just to give a scale was longer than 30 football fields long and we had.

Mud going 5 to 7 feet in fact mud was coming up to the windows of semi trucks.So this is the single biggest event in district nine for the last fifteen years and includes eastern kern county and all the way up the eastern sierra.So caltrans, this is a caltrans highway and what we do how do we work at getting this cleaned up and getting it back open for the public this is the largest operation that i've ever been on and it's been a joint operation between granite construction and caltrans which is unusual we don't.

Typically work sidebyside with contractors.Their equipment is loading our trucks our equipment is loading their trucks and we're all moving material around.And so did caltrans have anything to do with removing the vehicles caltrans did a lot to do with removing the vehicles.These vehicles were literally buried.There was we found vehicles underneath the mud.Our equipment was in the mud pretty deep and we were using our loaders, our excavators to help drag out the trucks and the cars.The tow companies were having a hard time.

Wind Snow Rain Cause Traffic Nightmare Along The Grapevine

Could be here well into the night.Andrea thank you.Right now, the grapevine is open and traffic is moving well on interstate five, but that could change if more rain, snow or high wind appear later tonight.Erica has the latest about the important northsouth freeway.It is cold, windy and wet on the grapevine, so drivers are really going to want to watch for black ice overnight into monday morning but a lot of people made the best of it, pulled over and played in the snow.Screams and laughter, the sounds.

Of southern california kids seeing snow for the first time.It's pretty great.Why because.But it wasn't all fun and games through the grapevine sunday.Rain was coming down hard when this big rig overturned on the 5 freeway.Caltrans said several lanes were blocked at smoky bear road backing up traffic for miles.After the rain, truck drivers still worried about the wind.I didn't know it was that strong.Families on road trips felt it too.It was scary, all windy.They bundled up for the kind of cold we just aren't used to.

Wrestling Moves KOLATCOM Wrist Lat Elevator Defense

Another defensive finish out of this position is a wrist and lat elevator.My opponent's taken a high c once again.He shoots in, he drives up to his feet so i transfer him inside to that single leg position.Now, instead of going to that whizzer we go right to that lat.And as we're doing that, here's what you always remember, it's opposite lat opposite wrist so you don't get confused.I don't attack this arm.I attack this lat and i go under and i capture the wrist on the other side here.So this hand captures wrist this captures.

Lat.And now i take make ankle and i stick it right up in his crotch.I don't want to go any deeper than that.I want to have the longest lever possible.And now this is always the misconception on elevators.There's not a straight back, not that we can't get away with it, but you wanna have a rotation.And what i mean by that is i've blocked and i wanna step outside and rotate.I don't want to kick my opponent straight over my head.So, i hop.I elevate.And now soon as we hit i release that lat and i got a post hand so.

Crews Removing Thick Mud That Trapped 200 Vehicles On Highway 58 Near Mojave

Pat newly released a video shows this and we have all the details.Good evening, i am pat harvey.Elsa and i am elsa ramon.Cars and trucks buried in feet of mud.Pat erica has more.Erica reporter such a long day for these folks.More than 200 people came to get food and water.Even this convert dog over here, such a cutie, they all know that this mess is far from over.The mud and debris took over.And others captured the fear as they were floating unexpectedly.

Then we just started floating and banging in the car.Even this news anchor found himself in trouble.The mud is up to 60 deep in some areas.The line of trucks and cars abandoned, many with the doors still open.This truck driver has nowhere else to go, but the red cross shelter who is setting up for the long haul.Is doing what i have to do no matter how long it takes.Reporter chp says that they will continue to work throughout the night into next week digging.

Interstate 5 In California The Grapevine In Both Directions

Interstate 5 in california the grapevine in both directions,Here it is interstate 5 in southern california going up and then down the grapevine simply put this is one of the most dramatic grades along the entire. The grapevine hwy 5,The grapevine hwy 5 tutorialeditor v navarrete. High speed tutorial up us route 99 drive in the grapevine,This is tutorial of the old us route 99 through the grapevine that is what remains of it i have increased the speed of playback to 285 for much of it i start at.

Mudslide shuts down 5 freeway at the grapevine,Officials closed off the 5 freeway going southbound and northbound at the grapevine because of a heavy mudslide 23abcs grecia aguilar reports 23abc. Grapevine shut down due to mudslide caltrans works to clean up mess and reopen roads,Grapevine shut down due to mudslide caltrans works to clean up mess and reopen roads 23abc news brings you up to the minute breaking news alerts.

Hwy 49 live i heard it through the grapevine,Hwy 49 from mariposa capreform for tom phillips campaign fund raiser in bootjack.

Tejon grapevine pass on the i5 highway california usa,On my way to rcx filmed some of the roads this was a cool one to see some great scenes to be seen the apex of the pass is near the north westernmost corner.

Mudslide Closes Interstate 5 Near The Grapevine

Mudslide closes interstate 5 near the grapevine,Heres a little look at whats causing some of the problems on the grapevine taken by jessica carroll of lebec 23abc news brings you up to the minute. Exclusive life threatening flooding mudslides in southern california,Flash flooding sent water mud and rocks rushing across interstate 5 north of los angeles thursday stranding hundreds of vehicles and closing the major. Tutorial shows violent mudslide on hwy 58 in mojave,Tutorial shared by viewer rae ecklund shows the harrowing mudslides on highway 58 yesterday warning this raw video contains strong.

2011 nissan sentra 20sr start up exterior interior tour,Thanks to sean briggs new car director at texas nissan of grapevine and his sales personnel who made this tour possible if youre looking for a new or. Home security leads 8177788591 grapevine tx,Visittimetoprotectus plumbing leads 8177788591 sewer drain leads aim internet marketing 1701 w northwest hwy suite 100 grapevine tx.

Tommy katona highway chile tolberts grapevine,Tommy katona jimi hendrix highway chile tolberts grapevine voodoo blue texas flood. 306 e northwest highway grapevine tx 76051,The virtual tour for the property at 306 e northwest highway grapevine tx 76051 selling for 599900. The grapevine interstate highway 5 tejon pass volvo 240 gopro,Driving north on i5 north down the grapevine from the beginning of the 2000 ft descent into the san joaquin valley just north of los angeles testing out my. Chopper footage of damage from flash flooding and mudslides strand vehicles in la county,Flash flooding leaves hundreds of vehicles stuck in the mud in southern california mudflows strand vehicles prompt rescues and closure of 5 freeway. Motorists stranded in massive california mudslide,Motorists stranded in massive california mudslide motorists stranded in massive california mudslide motorists stranded in massive california mudslide after.

The devils highway van halen acdc mashup by wax audio,Van halen runnin with the devil acdc highway to hell mashed by wax audiowaxaudioau mp3 available at. Fatal grapevine police shooting of mexican immigrant,Fort worth a tarrant county grand jury declined to indict a grapevine police officer who shot and killed an unarmed mexican national on the side of the. 2005 infiniti qx56 wnavigation w26 wheels suv in grapevine tx 76051,Texas nissan 1401 w state hwy 114 grapevine tx 76051 learn more.

Speeding over highway 5 grapevine,Gopro mounted on hood of the m5 brush fire listening to the orb close encounters safely speeding safely changing lanes. Dfw travel tips arrive at the airport via texas highway 114 eastbound grapevinesouthlake,With the new dfw connector project now complete heres a view of how drivers can navigate the new highway 114 eastbound exit to dfw airport.

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