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By | October 27, 2016

Hi, I’m Tricia, an organic gardener. If you want bunches of grapes on your grapevines this summer, then you need to do your winter pruning. I’ll show you how! There are two types of pruning: cane and spur pruning. And both of them should be done late in the season, between January and March. We’re gonna start with cane pruning, because all table grapeswill be productive with that method.

For cane pruning, I’m gonna choose one to two canesfrom last year’s growth on each side of the vine and I’m going to cut the rest! You can tell the age of a cane by its bark. 1yearold canes have smooth bark,older canes have shaggy bark. When choosing which canes to keep, you’re gonna choose a cane that’s coming off very close to the trunk, as compared to onethat’s coming off of a branch, like this. The canes that you keep should have about 15 buds along the length of the cane. And they should be close to the top of the vine.

Don’t choose canes that are too thin or too thick. Choose them when they’re about pencil size. I’m gonna tag the canes that I’m gonna keep with this ribbon, and I’m going to cut the rest. I want to make sure and not cut a good cane. These are the 2 fruiting canes that I’m going to keep. For every fruiting cane that I keep, I’m going to cut another cane into a renewal spur. A renewal spur is a cane cut to 2 buds and these buds are going to create next year’s fruiting canes. If your cut starts to bleed, don’t worry, that’s normal. It won’t hurt the vine.

After seeing how this vine is shaping up, I don’t think I need this cane after all. So you’re gonna cut your fruiting cane back to about 15 buds. And if you have any lateral branches coming off this cane, that’s the time you would cut them. For grape vines growing on arbors, the first thing you’re gonna do is cut off any suckers that are coming offthe main vine or cordon. And then you just want to cane prune. You want to keep one cane and one renewal spur for every 1 2 feet of cordon. This grapevine has been neglected and hasn’t been pruned in a couple of years.

So, before I actually start the spur pruning, I’m going to clean it up. Typically, spur prune varieties are trained to a bilateral cordon, which are these thick branches on either side of the trunk. These cordons can be pruned to length, but they’re never pruned all the way off, back to the trunk. Mine are maintained at about 3.5 feet. A spur is last year’s growth, cut back to 2 buds. Ideally, you’re gonna want 7 spurs on each cordon. And on this cordon, I’ll probably get close.

On the other cordons, I’ll have to wait until next year because this vine was neglected. The canes that make the best spurs are the ones that are going upward, close to the cordon. Prune all the canes to spurs and then select the best 7 for each cordon. Ideally the spurs should be spaced about 6 inches apart. Don’t worry if they’re not, just strive for some nice spacing between the 7 spurs on each cordon. Even though this is a nice cane, it’s growing too far from the cordon, so I’m gonna snip it off. Tame your grapes and Grow Organic for Life!.

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Okay we’re going to talk about how to pickout and plant a good grape vine. Just make sure it’s got some new growth on it. Thisis from last year’s growth. This is new growth. So it’s doing pretty good. These guys youwant to plant on some sort of trellis or fence because they will grow to the height of thattrellis or fence. That’s how big they get so you want to space them accordingly. Fullsun. These guys definitely want to be in full sun. When you plant them you want to dig thehole about twice the size of this pot and maybe throw a bag of top soil around it. Somekind of good black dirt will definitely help it get established faster. Just throw thedirt around it when you put it in the ground,

and you probably won’t get fruit the firstyear. It usually takes a year or two to get some, to get it to actually produce some grapes.It says right here you should fertilize it in the early spring so the earlier you plantthese guys the better and fertilize them probably right when you plant it if not maybe a weekafter, and then every ten to fourteen days you want to give them some fertilizer if you’reusing a Miracle Gro product anyway. Just water them. That’s the most important thing. Makesure that it’s not growing away from your fence. Make sure it’s right up against yourfence so it’ll grow up it and you’ll have a wonderful grape vine.

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