Viticulture In India

By | December 3, 2016

EnologyViticulture at Allan Hancock College Student Testimonial

gt;gt; I chose to take classes here in the agribusiness program because I work in the wine industry and really feel that it’s important to have as much knowledge as possible. My purpose in taking classes is just to educate myself so then I can hopefully go back to work and educate both my coworkers as well as customers that we have. So many different aspects of different ways to learn in terms of field trips and guest speakers and internships.

I have taken 4 classes so far and they’ve all been really interesting and it’s really fun to kind of learn about the different aspects of the program and about the industry. A lot of the classes that I’ve taken have had a lot of guest speakers so we get to learn from the people who are actually doing it. Hancock has made a difference in my life.

I just really feel like I’ve learned a lot from the classes that I’ve taken. I’ve also met a lot of really great people and been introduced to different people in the industry.

Why did you plant Saint George rootstock in a California vineyard

I still use the same rootstock. It was used in Italy. In 1950 the university came over and said I was using the wrong rootstock. That it had too much vigor. The Saint George vine that I was using had too much vigor and I should be using the University rootstock which was called an AXR1. So I thought about it a while and told my grandfather who was advising me, because see I was only nineteen years old.

And geting advice from my dad and grandfather. That’s where I was getting my advice. Because they grew grapes in Italy and they use the same rootstock over there and I was using here. And it grew well over there and produced well and did what they asked it to do. So I told them that the universities said that the rootstock I was unsing had too much vigor. And he looked at me and he said reminds me of the guy that had a horse. He says it’s a helluva horse it just runs too fast.

That’s a true story. And I never listen to them and 15 years later they had to take all of those out.

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