Venus Grapes

By | January 1, 2017

This is the high density espalier gardener And I am going to be showing you An update on my little MiniVineyard The last time I had shown this little area That I put together I had 10 different kinds of Grape vines.

Now i have 14 And on the last tutorial I didn’t say what the dimensions were On this one I would like for you to see How much I have planted in a small area I say High Density because.

I am putting a lot of different plants In a very small area And that will be true for all Of the tutorials that I post Here at the end. By the way.

Its important to note that The Grapes come out at different times So that you don’t have All of the Grapes all at once You have actually a nice long Season of Grapes.

If you get a good mix Here on the end I have a Perlette And the dimensions are From this post To this post.

From the top all the way across It is about 10 feet And from here, this post, All the way to the end Is about 20 feet I am going to be planting.

3 more grapes That I have on the end And they are potted still At that point The total area will be 10 by maybe 25 or 26 feet.

I have the perlette here I have a Cabernet And by the way Of the 14 I have a really nice mix Of table Grapes and wine Grapes And since I have no plans of making wine.

Tasting Giant Rainbow Pocky Whatcha Eating 197

Greetings lovelies! hi, it’s emmy! welcome back; well I should say welcome back to myself because we just got back from Japan last night; so it was crazy. It was a crazy actionpacked filled yeaaah! three weeks and it’s good to be home. I think that’s the best part of the trip actually is the coming home for myself and for the sanity of my family, it’s really nice to be home; so I wanted to share with you that I am home and also this thing that I found, of all places, in the airport. This!.

This: giant rainbow pocky! Do you see this? Do you see the size of this this? This is probably five times the size of the original Pocky. and on the back is the classic, little click Glica guy who is amazing I love this graphic design. So there are seven flavors; we have chocoreto; macha; banana; meron; sutoroberi; gurepu; and banira. Those are the colors of the Pocky rainbow. So, let’s see what’s inside. I forgot to mention that Japan was great and look for the vlog tutorial coming up.

I haven’t downloaded any of the tutorials yet so, yeah but coming soon. Opens like this. Look how stinking cute that is! Rather than having them in one bag they’re all individually wrapped. Let’s start with the first color of the rainbow: red. And this is the chocoreto It’s huge! All right, let’s see what’s inside. Oh my goodness! Laughs. Look at the size of that it’s like it’s bigger than a pencil actually. It’s almost the width of my pinky. Ready? Here we go! Dun, dun, dun! Oh my gosh! And there it is! A GIANT Pocky. (Itadakimasu!).

Yum! it’s delicious! it tastes just like a regular pocky, but it doesn’t have the familiar kind of snap! i think, simply, because it’s just so much bigger. And the proportion of chocolate to pretzel stick seems more pretzelsticky, but maybe that’s just because of the fact that it’s really, really large; and it tastes just like the regular Pocky milk chocolate with a touch of dark not overly sweet and just really nice balance between cookie and chocolate. Great. But I have to say while I love the kind of decadence of this huge giant Pocky, I really do like this small kind of diminutive snap and.

Familiarity of the old pocky; but maybe that’s just because i’m a creature of habit. i don’t know. all right, let’s give another flavor a taste. Let’s do orange next; and orange is melon. Brrlling! And again, same diameter stick actually, the stick is a little bit different; the chocolate Pocky was square and the melon one is rounded. And slightly different color; but same size. It smells very fruity and melonlike. Hmm. Let’s give that a taste. He’re we go!.

Um. not exactly my favorite; it’s very strongly melon if you like that flavor I think you’ll really like this; melon is not huge favorite of mine, so not really that great for me. It tastes like a very concentrated canteloupe: sweet, and the stick is the same kind of cookie biscuit stick. It’s OK. All right. Next, we’ll do yellow. Yellow is: banana which, as most of you know, isn’t my favorite either, but, we’ll give it a go. Bliiing! And there’s the yellow GIANT Pocky! This stick looks just like the chocolate stick has those little hashes on it the melon one was plain. See? And not surprisingly, it smells like artificial banana, like banana.

Laffy taffy. All right, let’s give it a taste. Un unh. Not my favorite either. But again, it’s because I don’t really like banana flavor. If you like banana flavor this is probably great. Same familiar biscuit stick in the middle, and sweet artificial artificial banana flavor coating on the outside. A little bit creamy, similar, very similar to Nestl Quick banana, I would say.

Not my favorite, but, maybe yours. next color of the rainbow: green. and green is matcha! For those of you who are unfamiliar with matcha matcha is ground up green tea leaves. Here’s the matcha! Briiing! Beautiful! This stick is slightly green and it’s smooth like the melon one. Mm! Hmm! That one is great! Really clear, distinctive matcha flavor; grassy; slightly bitter; delicious! Next, in the colors of the rainbow, we’ll do blue. And this one is vanilla.

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