Starting A Vineyard

By | October 7, 2016

A New Kind of Wine Business Women Entrepreneurs 32

Microsoft Word 6.0Dokument MSWordDoc Word.Document.6Lysanne Tusar Script 8th Estate Winery Hong Kong Sue Williams Normal.dotm Titi Yu AppVersionCompany DocSecurity HyperlinksChanged LinksUpToDate ScaleCrop ShareDoc 12.0000 Ambrica ProductionsLysanne Tusar Script 8th Estate Winery Hong Kong The idea of anything international caninitially be very intimidating. I went about getting over that by simply jumping in andholding my breath and hoping for the best which I wouldn t necessarily recommend.CARD: Lysanne Tusar/Founder 8th Estate Winery Hong Kong I was born and raised in Vancouver,British Columbia, Canada. And I been in beverage marketing for the majority of my career. Ive been around entrepreneurs all my life.

My dad is the ultimate etrepreneur. And itjust seemed to be a natural move to become an entrepreneur myself. CARD: It was New Years Eve 2005 when inspiration struck. The 8th Estate Winery came about actually over a dinnerparty believe it or not and it was just a meeting of minds people who has already beenin the wine industry. People who like to drink a lot of wine. Ah freezing of grapes to makewine isis the premise. If you can freeze grapes, um and then transport them great thenin theory you could put together a winery anywhere in the world. And the more I researchedinto the potential of this, it just became more and more evident if this didn t get explored,I wouldn t be able to sleep at night. CARD:

At 27, Lysanne sold her car, sold her house,left her boyfriend behind and traveled to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is such a great cityforfor many reasons, from languages to international perspectives, to a great logistics centerwith the port. If I were to do this in Vancouver there are plenty of wineries within a shortdrive that are excellent. So you would be competing with the local market in that regard.Of course there is a lot of wine in Hong Kong. It s a massive global wine hub. But theres no vineyards anywhere close by. CARD: In October 2007 Lysanne started The 8th EstateWinery producing Hong Kong s first local wine. 11:08:31:00 The wonderful thing about wineis that it s not a formula whatsoever. It

s very passionate. It s very artistic. Its almost the perfect storm of having the right grapes and the right talent by far from anexact science. And I think that s what makes wine really exciting. Every year we go toa different location in the world and source our grapes. So the first year we started offin Washington state, simply because it was a good year and it was close to home. Anduh the second year we went to Italy. And the third year was Australia. We re trying totake advantage here of being able to pick and choose from the best the world has tooffer. In general we produce anywhere from 40 to 60 thousand bottles per year. So itsounds like a lot but in ain a city like

Hong Kong it s just a drop in the bucketreally for the amount that’s consumed here. One of my recommendations for anybody tryingto be an entrepreneur is a support system. And unfortunately I didn t have a lot of thatsupport. And over the years finally have built my own little support network here of somevery strong female entrepreneurs within the city. It really takes talking to somebodyand having somebody tell you directly No, you re not um you re not off base that swhat everybody s going through. And that alone just, it really propels you it really keepsyou going. Sometimes things happen quickly and the timing is correct and you just jumpin. And at the end of the day you know, taking

those leaps is, you have to give yourselfcredit that yes it s going to be scary, yes it s going to be frightening. But if you dont do it, I think the longterm regret would be far more frightening and far more scary.quot;The story exchangequot; quot;where women mean businessquot; quot;woman entrepreneursquot; quot;women entrepreneursquot;quot;successful women entrepreneursquot; quot;women in businessquot; quot;women entrepreneurshipquot; quot;womenbusiness entrepreneursquot; quot;global business womenquot; quot;stories of women entrepreneursquot; quot;story ofwomen in businessquot; quot;women business ownersquot; quot;young women entrepreneursquot; quot;ladies in businessquot;minorityowned mentorship quot;role modelsquot; winery PAGE PAGE Default AbsatzStandardschriftartDefault Paragraph Font Body Text Indent Char

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