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By | October 15, 2016

Bahamas Luxury Homes. When it comes to luxuryhomes the Bahamas is home to the finest luxury and posh homes in the world. In fact thatBahamas and in particular Harbour Island is considered one of the most expensive placesin the world to buy a home luxuryhomesbahamas bahamasluxuryvacationhome2 The list of person owning homes on HarbourIsland, world famous for its pink sand beaches includes one of world’s richest man Bill Gates,supermodel Elle Macpherson and filmmaker and writer Tyler Perry. And no wonder as HarbourIsland is a tropical paradise with lush groves of Coconut Palms and Sea Grape trees and privacyto match. But Harbour Island is not the only place thatyou will find posh Bahamas luxury homes. As

these homes are located all across the islandsof the Bahamas in the many gated and exclusive communities. It may surprise you to learn that there aresome eightytwo upscale gated and exclusive communities scattered throughout the Bahamasfeaturing posh luxury homes. Whether it’s the exclusive Lyford Cay withits established reputation as not only the oldest gated community in the Bahamas butthe trendsetter for luxury homes. Or Albany the newest luxury community being developedon the southwestern shores of New Providence and expected to be the destination of choicefor elite athletes from around the world.

Some of whom already have homes in the communityincluding codevelopers, golfers Ernie Els and Tiger Woods. The 305 elite residences at the $2.6 billionBaha Mar Resort Casino on the Bahamian Riviera, Cable Beach. Which will be managed by worldclass hotel brands including Hyatt, Rosewood and Mondrian. Or the Reef at Atlantis Resorton Paradise Island. Or Schooner Bay and its revolutionary, sustainable and Ecofriendlycommunity being developed on the beautiful shores of Abaco. And then there are the homes located on privateisland owned by notables like magician and

illusionist David Copperfield on Musha Cay.Bell Island owned by spiritual leader Aga Khan Shah Karim alHussaini. Little Hall’sPond Cay, owner by Oscarwinning actor Johnny Depp and Eddie Murphy owner of Long Cay. Whether you are looking for a luxury vacationhome in a resort development with world class amenities, a gated community near a touristicdevelopment, or your very own private island you are sure to find a Bahamas luxury homethat is just right for you. So get your very own listing of Bahamas luxury homes for sale. And if you have questions about Bahamas Luxuryhomes for sale call me Glenn Ferguson, your

Bahamas real estate agent at 1(242)3272453. Talk to you soon about real estate in theBahamas (luxuryhomesbahamas ).

Bill Sue Sanibel IOn

Hi! My name is Bob Brennaman, I’m a realtorhere in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Today we’re gonna go into one of the nicest luxurylistings that I’ve seen in a long time and that is ‘ Sanibel, located in I’On only minutesfrom downtown Charleston. I hope you guys enjoy our tour! Alright, so let’s talk about some of the upgrades that y’all have done to this house. I knowyou bought this house and you came in and did a lot of things postclose; kind of talkabout some of the things you did. Okay, there’s a long list. To narrow it down, we put thetwo gas lanterns in the front of the house;

thirteen new outside lights on the outsideof the house; about 18 ceiling fans 15 on the outside and 3 on the inside of the house,in addition to what was already here; We added the elevator; two of the bedrooms on the secondfloor were originally carpeted. We tore up the carpet and put wood floors to match therest of the wood floors throughout the house. In the FROG, above the garage, was also acarpeted floor. We tiled that so it kind of changed the way the room looked completely.In addition to those things, we added a wine fridge and a beverage refrigerator into thebutler pantry. We put a new washer and dryer upstairs for the laundry room, added a newdishwasher for the kitchen, added the guts

of the fireplace, which has a remote controlledgas starter. All the window treatments. Yeah, 43 plus plantation shutters were put in allthe windows throughout the house and then including the garage and the FROG, we putwindow shades in there. 100 percent of the inside was painted, then also the floors werepolished and sanded because they hadn’t been well kept up. The house was rented a coupleof times so there was just a lot of remediation that was done as well. And then we also redesignedthe rooftop terrace; it’s a living terrace so we added 60 plus plants, power washed thedeck it had never been cleaned and then restained it and have done that every yearsince. And then we also redesigned the courtyard

in the back of the house, which made it looklike a mediterranian and Charleston field. There’s 6 palm trees and a lot of plants aroundand then we put the pavers in and we had a mahogany door with a cut open rod iron inthe center so that the light shines through. That is the gateway from the garage comingthrough the back of the house. You’ve been in I’on for several years nowon and off. Talk to me about some of the things you really like about I’On and like aboutCharleston in the time you’ve been here. Okay. For I’On, really some of the top thingsare the sense of community you know, it’s a very nice area, there’s about 700 plus houses,but there’s a lot of biking trails, walking

trails, sense of safety, it feels very safe.Particularly where we are it’s a very quiet neighborhood. Sometimes you can actually literallyhere a pin drop. After moving from New York City, that was something to get used to. There’sthe local community, which we have a restaurant, O’Bryans, a health store, and you can walkto get your hair done so the convenience of just walking to places is really nice.That’s right, I’ve seen you walking all around here every once in a while.Yeah, people who see me and don’t know me, they kind of laugh because they see me walkingeveryday. But you got to get your 5 miles in!The other thing would be the I’On Club itself.

There’s various all kinds of tennis programs.Clay courts, right? Clay courts and also they just started a cardiotennis program and they have health classes available pretty much 7 days a week, dependingon what your skill level is, etcetera. In fact, pretty much most of them, if notall of them now, are free for the people who have joined the club. The club has 2 poolsand one is an adult only pool and then the other is adult and children, so that makesit quite nice, since at our point, at our age, our children are all grown up, so thereare other people’s children at the pool. In regards to Charleston, I don’t think thatSue and I could even think of anything negative

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