Pruning Grape Vine

By | September 22, 2016

How to Prune Grapes Summer

Hi, i’m tricia, a california organic gardener and today we’re going to talk about summer maintenance for your table grapes we’ve had an extremely wet season this year and my table grapes have gone bonkers i’m growing four different types of table grapes here and there’s a lot of vegetative growth making for a very dense canopy over the grape vines earlier in the spring, the shoots were thinned when they were about six to twelve inches long you should have about six to eight shoots per foot of canopy at the same time as thinning the shoots, i also cut the suckers off at the trunk.

And i’m going to continue to trim these suckers throughout the season, as necessary you see there’s not enough sunlight getting into this little fruit clusters the sunlight is what helps improve the flavor and the quality of the fruit by having so much foliage around the cluster, i’m also at risk for disease the first step is to take these long shoots and tuck them into the trellising and keep them out of the fruiting zone that helped a lot but you can see there’s still a lot of hanging vines.

I’m going to trim back this shoot that has no clusters on it if you’re going to trim back a shoot that has clusters, be sure and leave about 1517 fullsized leaves before you make your cut cut as little as possible and try to cut at the point where the leaves are half the size of the mature leaves these smaller leaves haven’t started producing food yet so the vine won’t miss them as much as it would miss these larger food producing leaves the grape vines are looking a lot better.

The cutting is going to stimulate the growth so you don’t want to do this too late in the season if the fruit is just beginning to ripen, it’s too late to cut now that i’ve tamed the vines, it’s time to thin the fruit cluster thin when the fruit has just set and before it gets too big for goodsized table grapes leave one cluster per shoot in order to improve the size of the grapes, snip off the very bottom of the cluster i’m happy to have completed my summer maintenence on my table grape vines.

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