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By | December 9, 2016

How to Grow Kiwi

Hi, I’m Tricia, an organic gardener. Today I’m going to plant a kiwi vine. Kiwis are originally from Asia, but did you know that you can plant one right here in North America in your backyard? One kiwi vine will produce 50 100 pounds of fruit! Site selection is important. You want to put kiwis in full sun, but you don’t want to plant them in any kind of cold microclimate, because even though they’re hardy down to zone 4, which is about 30 degrees below zero, they can get frost damage after they break dormancy.

They must have well drained soil. Dig a hole the same size as the root system. So we’re going to put the kiwi in the hole and we don’t wanna add any fertilizer. These roots can easily be burned by nitrogen. Plant the kiwi to the same level it was planted in the nursery. Don’t mound up the the soil around the trunk, because that can kill the vine. Kiwis are vines and they’re trained and pruned like the Muscadine grapes, and if you’re only planting one like I am, make sure it’s self pollinating.

Pergolas, or a Tbar trellis, are the two most popular ways of trellising kiwis, but feel free to experiment. The only requirement is that you’re able to get to them to prune easily. Prune the vine back to a single cane and that’s going to be our trunk. Like a grape vine, a kiwi vine should be trained with a nice straight trunk. I’m putting in this bamboo stake to help train my little vine. Don’t allow your kiwi to wrap around the stake however. Make sure and give your kiwi fruit a lot of water. I’m installing this Olson sprinkler, which works great.

Your hardy kiwi vine will produce fuzzless fruit a little smaller than what you find in the grocery store, and if you need to protect it from frost after it breaks dormancy, try these Agribon frost blankets and Grow Organic for Life!.

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