Plant Of The Grapes

By | January 3, 2017

he’s orange, he has a lot of friends They live together on a fruit stand They have adventures all across the land And even play in a rock and roll band He’s Orange, Annoying Orange He’s Orange, Annoying Orange .

he’s orange. (laughing) NERVILLE: Ah, the Napa Valley. Once the producer of many different crops, today it’s known for its vineyards and sparkling grape juice industry.

(sniffs) Smell that? Waft it in. It’s the smell of freedom. and grapes. Mostly grapes. I can’t believe I’m finally here on vacation. Whoa, Nerville, that’s amazing!.

What? my immense knowledge of the valley of napa? No, that you get a vacation. Do you even have a job? (laughs) Just look around you at the beauty that is Napa Valley. Napa Valley?.

I guess this is where you come to take a nap. a. (laughs) (horn honking) Ooh, that’s me. That’s mine. Ooh! I’m gonna be late for my tasting in the grape juicery. Wait right here. I’ll be right back.

Oh, yes! Grape juicery? Yeah, it’s where they make grape juice. Hey, you know what else they make from grapes? This! (whining loudly) I don’t get it.

Huh? What are you doing? I don’t get it. It’s annoying. Don’t you get it? (whining loudly) No, no, no, no, no, no!.

Stop! Stop it! Come on, just please, stop it. (in distance): Help! Help! Please help me! Okay, okay, okay.

The California Garden in April Grape Plant Reveal

April is the month of birds singing early spring harvests and a surprise plant reveal which is growing strong so as usual we will begin with the tour of the garden in this monthly series the April garden looks alive these are the red onion sets that we planted back in December and they are growing very nicely they should be ready for harvest by around the end of summer and.

And just next to add the onions bed we sowed the okra seeds in the beginning of april and as you can see here they’ve already sprouted I have sowed the okra seeds a lot closer than what I did last year I am gonna see how that works out moving ahead to our side bed.

It has all the nice leafy greens kale and swiss chard growing very well and then on toward our tomato jungle this month the tomato plants have grown extremely well as you can see this is the stage where the plants have grown a lot of leaves and have now started to flower and produce fruits like you see here I’m growing several different types of tomatoes this seasonif you’ve seen my December tutorial I have listed out all the tomato varieties that have been growing.

You can see your some more cherry tomatoes being formed so this is the optimum weather for tomatoes to start setting fruit you can see this beans plant this is a pole bean called the hyacinth Bean which is an interesting variety of Bean and this is the garlic and onion bed and you can see somebody potato plants actually growing out of the compost that I added to this bed and this bed also had a lot of carrots that.

We just harvested and i’ll show you that very soon these are some bush bean plants as soon as these are done I will grow some cucumbers there and you can see here these corn seedlings that have emerged from this bed this is a new bed that we just created and this bed next to that one is the one where we have all our peppers and eggplants I’m growing 2 varieties of eggplants this year and just the poblano peppers so that’s all that we have om the.

Garden as of april now let’s get down to the details of what exactly happened in April now let’s look at some of the bed preparations that we did for the summer vegetables now I toped of all the raised beds using some organic planting soil now you can check your local garden center for some good deals on organic potting soil this one is from Costco if you have a Costco near your home this is a excellent.

Planting soil mix its organic it has a lot of good organic matter and what I’m gonna do is just empty this bag onto this raised bed and then try to break down all the pieces now let’s look at what exactly this contains if you look at the ingredients it has a lot of good organic matter and it also has a lot of nutritional value as listed on the back so you just break down all the mix into the raised beds and then you can mix it.

Very well now I’ve advised a lot of my fellow gardeners to make sure that they have their raised beds ready well in advance so if you’re adding new soil to your raised beds I would suggest wait for at least two weeks because it takes a little bit of time for the organic matter in the soil to break down so if you’re doing this early the earlier you do the better it is if you’re starting your raised bed like.

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