Place In India Where Grapes Are Grown

By | March 20, 2017

Alright! this is john kohler with growingyourgreens ! today we have another exciting episode for you. And where were at today is a special place here in Lake Worth, Florida in South Florida. So if you live in South Florida, youre going to want to come to this place to buy your fruit trees and some other very important crops that you will want to grow in your home garden. And so Ive been to this place, Excalibur Fruit Trees, probably like 10 years ago when my friend who lives in the area was buying some trees. And I came.

With them and i really loved the place back then. but i dont think i was making any tutorials then. But Im back here today to share with you guys what Excalibur Fruit Tree Nursery does, because its a lot different than most of the nurseries that you may, you know, see in in ad or over on Craigs list or here or there or whatever, you know. And I always encourage you guys to support local family owned businesses and Excalibur nursery, fruit.

Tree nursery, is a family owned business. now the other thing that is cool about excalibur is that theyve been doing this for 35 years now. So thats a long time. They have special genetics of different fruit trees that youre really not going to find anywhere else. In addition, one of the things that I like about Excalibur is that you could come here and actually buy the fruit, and to try it before you buy the tree. And they also have some samples available too. And they are open basically every day except Sunday, from 8 to 4. And.

I always encourage you guys to get, you know, to one of these places early because you dont want to be coming at 3:45 because this place you know, is large, theyre going to show you around, give you a personal tour and help you select the right plants for you. One of the questions i get a lot is, John what fruit trees do I buy? So in this episode, what Im going to share with you guys is my 10 top favorite fruit trees I would buy if I lived here in Florida, South Florida, to plant and to grow. And I have very specific.

Reasons for the ones im choosing that youll learn about in just a little bit. so once you get here, this is like a residential house with the nursery attached. Youre going to park against the rock wall. It says Excalibur Parking. Once you park youre going to get out your car and then youre going to walk up over to the tent. So once you get here you walk across the street from the parking area, youre going to walk actually into this tent and therell be a person hanging out there ready to answer all you questions.

And help you out. they also have some golf carts ready and waiting so that you can jump on the golf cart and be taken to the different fruit trees youre interested in. Now its very important that you know what youre interested in, because they, they will be helpful and help you select the right ones, but its always best to know what you want so they could take you there to it and they could show you the different trees that are available. They have many different sizes and the costs vary depending on, you.

Know, the size and the specific variety of tree. What I want to do next is actually really cool. Were going to go ahead and go into the tent and show you guys some of the fruits that they have available this time of year so that you could buy some to eat for later before your fruit trees start actually fruiting. So one of the cool things about Excalibur Fruit Tree Nursery is that they will offer some fruits during different times of the year, you know. The fruits that theyre.

Offering here are all grown on the site and actually theyre from some of the trees that you would buy if you came here. I mean, some of the trees and small pots are already producing, you know, and thats really important because this is going to save you time. So you could be eating sooner off the fruit trees youre growing instead of later. So at this time of the year right now they got some of these guys. These are known as black sapotes. And these are related to the persimmons. Theyre just black and dark inside. They also have,.

Growing Avocado The best avocados to grow in your garden

The avocado is a delicious healthy and easy to grow fruit in your backyard find out which variety is the best one to grow music theme So although you can start growing an avocado tree from a seed.

It is best to just buy an avocado tree or graft it if you know how to do that avocados grown from seed may not taste like their parent and can take as long as 15 years to form fruit now while growing your avocado tree you will notice that in about March to April the avocado tree will start flowering.

And will produce these small fruits this variety of avocado that you see here is a dwarf variety called Gem avocado And I will shortly get into the details of all the different avocado varieties that you can grow and which one is the best for your garden.

Theme in about may you will see if that the tree has much more to lush growth and remember that when growing avocado trees you need to follow a very rigorous fertilizer schedule which you can see on the screen right now this is how I usually add fertilizer to my avocado tree and this has been doing a.

Great job us so far in the past few years now here are the different avocado varieties that you will see or that will be available to buy and each one has their own pros and cons for example the Haas avocado is a commercially grown avocado that can form a big tree and have great tasting fruit.

The reed on the other hand is another different variety of other avocado that you can grow and the one that you see here the Gem Avocado is in my opinion one of the best varieties to grow in your backyard because its a dwarf tree theme.

So around june i saw that that there were a lot of crawling insects under my avocado tree so what I have used to combat these insects is called DE or diatomaceous earth its a naturally occurring silica its just a soil a kind of soil that helps you protect your plants against crawling insects.

So all you do is just spray it along the base of the plant and then add a weed barrier and some mulch as you can see here and that seems to do a great job of protecting your avocado tree or pretty much any other tree from crawling insects June or July is also the time that you can see a lot of.

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