How To Take Care Of Grape Plants

By | September 28, 2016

Bahamas Luxury Homes

Bahamas luxury homes.When it comes to luxury homes the bahamas is home to the finest luxury and posh homes in the world.In fact that bahamas and in particular harbour island is considered one of the most expensive places in the world to buy a home luxuryhomesbahamasbahamasluxuryvacationhome2 the list of person owning homes on harbour island, world famous for its pink sand beaches includes one of world’s richest man bill gates, supermodel elle macpherson and filmmaker and writer tyler perry.And no wonder as harbour island is a tropical paradise with lush groves.

Of coconut palms and sea grape trees and privacy to match.But harbour island is not the only place that you will find posh bahamas luxury homes.As these homes are located all across the islands of the bahamas in the many gated and exclusive communities.It may surprise you to learn that there are some eightytwo upscale gated and exclusive communities scattered throughout the bahamas featuring posh luxury homes.Whether it’s the exclusive lyford cay with its established reputation as not only the oldest gated community in the bahamas but the trendsetter for luxury homes.Or albany.

The newest luxury community being developed on the southwestern shores of new providence and expected to be the destination of choice for elite athletes from around the world.Some of whom already have homes in the community including codevelopers, golfers ernie els and tiger woods.The 305 elite residences at the $2.6 billion baha mar resort casino on the bahamian riviera, cable beach.Which will be managed by world class hotel brands including hyatt, rosewood and mondrian.Or the reef at atlantis resort on paradise island.Or schooner bay and its.

Revolutionary, sustainable and ecofriendly community being developed on the beautiful shores of abaco.And then there are the homes located on private island owned by notables like magician and illusionist david copperfield on musha cay.Bell island owned by spiritual leader aga khan shah karim alhussaini.Little hall’s pond cay, owner by oscarwinning actor johnny depp and eddie murphy owner of long cay.Whether you are looking for a luxury vacation home in a resort development with world class amenities, a gated community near a touristic development, or your very own private island.

Room Seven

Ltigt thank you for bein’ a friend ltigt ltigt traveled down the road and back again ltigt ltigt your heart is true ltigt ltigt you’re a pal and a confidante ltigt ltigt and if you threw a party ltigt ltigt invited everyone you knew ltigt ltigt you would see the biggest gift would be from me ltigt ltigt and the card attached would say ltigt ltigt thank you for bein’ a friend ltigt i simply do not believe it! what, blanche i just talked to somebody back home.

They’re doing the most horrible thing.They’re tearing down the most important building in blanche deveraux’s family history.Oh, my god.They’re tearing down mattress world.Even worse than that.They’re tearing down the place where i spent my happiest childhood moments.Oh, i’m sorry, blanche.They’re tearing down boys town.Dorothy, they’re tearing down grammy hollingsworth’s plantation.That beautiful place will be gone forever.I used to spend my summers there and christmas vacations and whenever there was a fight between big daddy and big mommy.Big mommy.Gee, i don’t think i ever knew her name before.

I just don’t believe you.When you were a child, didn’t you have some beautiful, fantastic place where you’d go and it would seem like a fairyland oh! that’s right.You grew up in brooklyn.Dorothy! hurry, it’s sophia! she’s passed out! what oh, my god.Ma! i came in, she was choking.This isn’t working.Dorothy.Dorothy.Where am i man sophia.Welcome to heaven.I’m in heaven that’s right.Heaven heaven i went straight to heaven no stops no purgatory purgatory oh, ho ho ho.You catholics.Ha ha ha ha!.

Why don’t you make yourself comfortable i have to prepare for our next arrival, and, actually, i’m rather excited.It’s a televangelist.Why is that exciting we’ve never had one here before.So, this is heaven.Man sophia! sophia! hey, who’s that who’s calling me it’s me.You know.Heh heh! oh, sal, is that you could it possibly be you oh, sal, prove to me it’s you.You dirty rat.You killed my brother.Oh, sal, it is you.You always did such a great cagney.Sweetheart, how do you feel.

How do i feel i feel great.Hey, this is wonderful.My bunions don’t hurt, my arthritis is gone, and my teeth.Are teeth! here, all the parts work.Oh, i’ve missed you.And i missed you.I wish you knew how much.I’m not letting go.I’m never letting go.Come on, rose! come on! i’m trying! i’m trying! try harder! coughing there you go, honey.There you go.Sal.Sal.Ma, are you okay what happened ma, you were choking.You passed out.Rose saved your life.But i was in heaven with your father.

I didn’t want to come back.Thanks for nothing, you nitwit.Ma, stop that.Rose did save your life.Besides, you were not in heaven.You were probably just dreaming.You don’t believe me.Your father even sent a message.I’m sure he did, but right now you should calm down.We can talk about that later.Fine.Okay if you think that’s best.Oh, ma.So anyway, dorothy, like i was saying about grammy’s plantation.Blanche, i cannot believe you! you’re not talking about this till later.I know, but ma almost died.

She’s got her color back, hasn’t she really, blanche! what could be so important about a building it was my home away from home as a child, especially my bedroom.Grammy and i would have all our latenight talks up there, and now they’re tearing it down! that’s terrible.Grammy’s plantation was the one place i consistently felt loved as a child.Now they’re going to put a steel ball through her house, through my room.Oh, don’t you see it’s like they’re killing a part of me.Oh.Oh, poor blanche.

You know, ii actually do feel sorry for her.Oh, yeah.My heart goes out to her, too.Hello.Did i mention i died oh, hi, ma.Where you been out.After yesterday, i decided to take the time and stop and smell the roses.Ah, that’s nice, ma.Know where they have great roses at the dog track in lauderdale.By the way, your bonneville shakes when you go over 65.Ma, you were driving what is wrong with you do you have a death wish no, i have a life wish.

I’ve seen the white light.Now i know there’s a place for me, i won’t live in fear anymore.What’s that on your blouse see i laugh in the face of death.Ha ha ha ha! ma, stop it.I don’t want to hear about this dream that’s making you act reckless.The says a lack of oxygen made you hallucinate.I won’t tell you what your father said.I won’t say another word.The light! i’m coming to you, salley! ma, enough with the white light.You are making me crazy.

Well, i’m off to atlanta.You’re going where i have to see grammy’s plantation once more.Sweetheart, wouldn’t it be better to just let go but i can’t.It was hard enough letting go when grammy died.Grandview got turned into a bed and breakfast, but at least i could visit.And have breakfast.Thank you, sophia.Pancakes, by the looks of it.Thank you, sophia.Honey, we’d go with you if it would help, but by tomorrow, grandview will be gone.We’d have to drive all night and stop at a motel.

We know how you hate to drive.I found a way around that.Hey, blanche, i figured out this treasure map.It’s buried somewhere outside atlanta.Let’s roll.Rose let’s try it now with dorothy.Dorothy, dorothy, boborthy bananafanna, foforthy fee, fie, momorthy tires screech dorothy get out, rose.This is itgrandview.Wow! i’ve never been to the deep south before.Well, let’s go back.Ma, i still cannot believe what you were doing on the interstate.I was living for the day.You were mooning a chain gang!.

And did you see the smiles on their faces they probably hadn’t seen a woman in years.I guess not.They kept up with us through four warning shots.Oh, blanche, you must have so many memories here.Oh, are you kidding i cannot tell you how many christmases i spent here.Grammy’s butler would bring us our eggnog by the hearth, and grammy and i would sing carols, and put out gingerbread men for st.Nick.Oh, and over there would be grandpappy drinking out of his jug with the x’s on it,.

And wearing his santa’s beard and just screaming at the lawn jockey to do him a little dance.Rose, hold me.Oh.Can i help you folks uh, excuse me.You don’t really know me.My name’s blanche deveraux.My family used to live here, and i’d very much like to see my old bedroom room seven.Please.We came all the way from miami.Okay, but be quick about it.We’re blowing this place up in two hours.I get to push the plunger ’cause it’s my birthday.Well, happy birthday.

Thanks.Come on, girls.Excuse me, sir, but i died yesterday, and it occurs to me i never experienced southern food, so send a possum to room seven, and, uh, tell my daughter it’s chicken.And grammy’s wind chimes.Oh, she loved wind chimes.Had them in every room.And my balcony.Oh, i remember as a girl of 10, i used to wander out here and the little boys from all around would come and serenade me.I see london, i see france i see blanche’s underpants.

Rose, hold me.Oh, honey, honey.Oh, blanche, please.Now, honey, i know it’s hard, but we’ve been here over an hour.And you’ve shown us the balcony, you’ve shown us the wind chimes, you’ve shown us the seven places you lost your virginity.Blanche, please, it’s getting late.Dorothy’s right.You really have had a chance to say goodbye.I can’t say goodbye.Oh, blanche.There’s something i haven’t told you about this room, something i haven’t said because i was afraid you’d think i was weird.My grammy.She’s in this room.

Hey, man, cool.Blanche, come on.You only think she’s here.You and grammy spent a lot of time here.Of course you can almost feel her here.Right, rose well, she’s not under the bed.Dorothy, i know it sounds odd, but this is the room where grammy and i used to have all our hearttohearts.I would snuggle up in one of her homemade afghans, and whatever problems i had in life, she would make right.And then, after she died, she started coming to me here, and the talks didn’t stop.

And she’s not in the closet.Okay, folks.That’s it.Get out or get blown up.All my life she’s been helping me.All my life! i don’t know what i’d do without her.What are you doing if they’re going to blow this place up, they’ll do it with me in it.This is ridiculous.You can’t stay here all night.You’ll have to eat sometime.This is where you don’t know me.I can go for days without food.Oh, come on, blanche.You’ve been known to debone a chicken.

From across the room.You know, blanche, when my father died, i heard his voice, too, or what i thought was his voice.Honey, it happens to everybody.It’s wishful thinking.We want to hear them, so we do.You don’t believe that grammy’s here, that she talks to me.Of course i do, sweetheart.Blanche, this is your grammy.Y’all get yourself out of here, you dumb peckerwood.Oh, i heard it that time, too.Feets, don’t fail me now.How dare you mock my grammy.Oh, blanche, you’ve lost the battle,.

But at least you can come here and visit the grounds.It won’t be the same.They’re going to build a cheap motel here.You’ll be back.And you can look at these magnificent magnolias and stroll that beautiful hillside and ma, what the hell are you doing on the roof living for the day, pussycat.I never jumped into a haystack before.Ma! geronimo! my god! dorothy, is she okay yeah, i think so.Rose broke her fall.Rose, are you okay rose charlie charlie, is that you great.Another one who hears voices.

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Blanche, i want to be here when the dynamite goes off.I want to ride the rocket with you.Sophia, i just wonder if maybe dorothy’s right.Could this whole granny thing be something i just talked myself into believing, some kind of childhood nonsense dorothy doesn’t understand about these things.You know, her father sent her a very special message.She doesn’t want me to tell her.You can tell me about it, sophia.Really i’d love to hear it.Picture it.Heaven.Two days ago.I’m holding onto sal, telling him i’ll never let go,.

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Of little spumoniface.Who dorothy.When i worked late, i’d come home, we had our little secret ice cream club.That was the nickname i gave her.What was her nickname for you favorite parent.Thunder it’s time, sophia.Do i have to don’t be so sad.We’ll be together again.I love you, sal.And i love you.And tell my little spumoniface something i’m proud of her.You’re right, blanche.These naked southern guys sure can dance.I don’t think she’s coming down, rose.You know, i have a good mind to just strand her here.

Can you believe that woman hey, dorothy, have you seen this yet b.H.B.H.Blanche hollingsworth.Blanche must have written this when she was a little girl.Can you imagine blanche as a little girl running and skipping all through this house so carefree.I can almost hear her laughing.You know, i i can almost feel her spirit here.And if i can feel her spirit here, then why is it so ridiculous that blanche feels the spirit of her grandma upstairs and is it such a leap of faith to believe.

That ma was in the white light why am i making it such a crusade not to believe either one of them what, am i just an ostrich with it’s head in the ground a narrowminded ostrich who who only believes what she can see and feel and touch oh, rose.Simple rose.Rose, you are so wise.Actually, i spoke with the demolitions guy.B.H.Stands for blast here.Okay, boys, upstairs we go.What do you think you’re doing i’m a patient man, but your friend is trespassing.Let’s go.

Hold it! i’m not going to let you do this.Blanche is in a very fragile state.You can’t treat her like a common criminal.Dorothy, it’s all right.I’mi’m coming down.Blanche, you’re out.Blanche, what happened what changed your mind grammy came.She told me it was time.Are you okay, honey oh, yeah.We had a wonderful visit.Excuse me, sir, but do you mind if i take a souvenir go ahead.You got a lot of sweet memories here.I had a grammy once myself.Okay, boys, let’s go celebrate my birthday.

Blanche, you need a minute to say goodbye thanks.Ltigt little girl laughingltigt ha ha ha.Beer on the wall three bottles of beer on the wall three bottles of beer take one down, pass it around two bottles of beer on the wall i’m off to bed.Rose, you get all the way to two bottles of beer, and you quit just drives you nuts, doesn’t it, dorothy oh, what a wonderful ride home.I bet there must have been a million stars.

Up in the sky, and i got to spend it all with my friends.Well, good night.Whatever happened up in that room sure did her a world of good.Excuse me i’ve never seen her like this.She must have had a really great experience.Blanche has a great experience, but your mother is a nut.Ma, i never said that.Why won’t you talk to me about the white light it scares me, all right it makes me feel like you’re embracing death, and i don’t want to see that.

I want you to rail against it, ma.I said i wasn’t scared of dying, not that i’m ready to die.You don’t have to believe all of this, but stop trying to take it away from me.I’m going to bed.Good night, spumoniface.What did you call me spumoniface.Wow.I mean, ii haven’t heard that since i was 7 years old.Oh, ma, come on.This is crazy.I probably told you sometime and just forgot.He says he’s proud of you, dorothy.Ma, i just don’t understand all this.

Growing Big Tomatoes in Containers Mountain Pride Tomato

The mountain pride hybrid tomato is a big and delicious meaty tomato variety that is very diseaseresistant let’s see how to grow this tomato variety in containers so in our earlier episodes we saw how to grow different kinds of tomatoes like grape tomatoes roma tomatoes this time we’re gonna grow a tomato that’s a beefsteak kind of tomato these are huge tomatoes that can be grown in containers if you follow the right techniques for the container we’re using a whisky barrel which will provide enough room for this tomato plant to grow and remember that this.

Mountain pride hybrid is a determinate tomato variety which means that it will grow produce a lot of tomatoes and then it will stop growing it won’t grow indefinitely like the indeterminate tomato varieties so that makes it a good candidate for growing in containers and that’s exactly what you see here we have secured this tomato plant with this tomato cage and if you want to take a look at all the tomato cages available you can see this tutorial on your screen which will give you the details and in just a few days in the warm month.

Of june you can see that the tomato plant has grown pretty well and has almost occupied the entire whiskey barrel container now this whiskey barrel container does contain a lot of soil it’s about two or three times the capacity of a fivegallon pot and that gives a tomato plant enough room to grow and as you can see herr this plant has now started flowering and it’s about mid june right now and you can see a lot of flowers being produced by this plant and there you can see that i have pruned this plant at some of the nodes.

The suckers have been removed and i do this mostly for determinate tomato varieties and that too if i’m growing them in containers if i’m growing the tomato plants on the ground or on raised beds i do not prune the plant a lot but i do remove the diseased and the dead leaves so in about mid july you can see that the plant is loaded with fruits of these lovely looking tomatoes and if you think these tomatoes are big well just wait and see how big they can.

Get now i’d like to mention that when growing tomatoes one of the keys to growing great tomatoes is to make sure that you prune all dead leaves, disease stems make sure that the bottom part of the tomato plant is clean this allows a lot of air to get in and it prevents fungal diseases for your tomato plants and overall is a very important step in growing tomatoes something that a lot of us all overlook music and as you can see here in august the tomatoes have started ripening they’ve started becoming red.

So i’m going to harvest this tomato from the plant and my first harvest is usually the one that i ripen on the shelf and what this does is that it lets me eat some tomatoes while the other tomatoes are ripening on the vine and once again the ones the ones ripening on the vine taste a lot better however if you want some tomatoes go ahead and harvest a few you can put them on the shelves easily and use them music and in the hot summer months you need to water your tomato plants very well.

Tomatoes might need watering once a day sometimes even twice a day in the hot summer months so make sure that your tomato plants hydrated or what will happen is that your fruits will start cracking from the bottom which is not a good thing for goodlooking tomatoes you need to make sure that you water your tomato plants very well especially during the growing season which is the hot summer months and i wont be discussing much about the kind of fertilizer you need to use for this tomatoes because i have discussed that on a.

Lot of my other tutorials you can see some of those tutorials on your screen now music so let’s talk a little about this tomato variety this mountain pride hybrid tomato variety was developed at the north carolina state university and it was developed as a part of the mountain series of tomatoes and it instantly became a big hit because the plant produced really nice sized tomatoes that were very delicious and the plant is very easy to grow because it is resistant to a lot of diseases which makes it easy for the home gardener to grow this and.

It also grows great in containers because it’s a determinate tomato variety now you can grow indeterminate tomato varieties in containers but you have to make sure that you prune your plant well, otherwise you’re plants are gonna grow out of control they’re pretty large and they’re pretty meaty and we’ll soon cut one tomato to find out how nice they are you can see some really good fruit being produced by this tomato plant so this is our harvest as you can see almost perfect tomatoes i did see a little bit.

Of cracks on the top part of the tomato however that’s very very minor this is a great looking tomato and let’s cut open this tomato to see how it looks like from the inside so as you can see very meaty very nice looking tomato that’s perfect for slicing and cooking and i really like the tomato variety it was not an easy to grow but they tasted absolutely delicious now one thing that i must tell you about this tomato variety and i’ve noticed that so far in growing this tomato plant is.

That after it produces these large tomatoes on the bottom part of plant the top part of the plant just grows to about five feet and then stops now this might be just the way the tomato plant grows however i’m waiting to see the plant will still produce more tomatoes however late in the season due to the heat the high heat the pollen from the tomato flower becomes unviable which means that it cannot set fruit so a lot of you have asked me this question as to why doesn’t.

My 100 Natural Penis Enlargement Secrets

Today’s tutorial is for all my boys out there.I know that to many of you your penis is consciously or unconsciously one of the most important things in the whole wide universe.I hear you.You might ask yourself how does she know anything about my penis well, ever since i started mytinysecrets i have received hundreds of emails from desperate men who think their penis is too small.And i am serious here.By desperate i mean really desperate.That’s why in today’s tutorial i want to share 6 alternative ways to enlarge.

Your penis permanently.And the best thing about these methods is that anyone can do them, plus they don’t you cost a dime.Before i share with you my holistic penis enlargement secrets let me share with you some personal thoughts regarding the size of your penis it is true, babe.Some men have a big penis and others have a smaller one, but the measurement is not i repeat not an index of virility or good sex.A big penis doesn’t make a great lover.In fact there are many women who say that.

Big dicks are lazy.And some women even totally dislike the idea of a large penis.Take for example this girl’s comment which i found in an online community for me, every sex act with a big dong is always the same uncomfortable.During sex i usually end up closing my eyes and hoping they come quickly because i certainly won’t.Anal not even going there.And can we talk about big boy bjs i can barely breathe and my jaw hurts afterward.It’s like drowning in a sea of dong.

A smaller penis to me means more blow jobs, possible anal, a variety of positions, less pain, and more orgasms.Or take this girl i dont like big dicks for the simple fact that, you know, i like to go nuts on a penis.I like to suck a dick where i feel like i’m in power.In ancient taoist sexology it was well known that it is much more important to be sexually compatible with a woman than to have a penis of a particular size.Okay so you might ask yourself.What does being sexual compatible exactely mean.

It means that a man must match the size of his penis with that of his partner’s vaginal canal.Yep.That means not just men have different penis sizes but also women have different vaginal cana length.Some vaginal canals are shorter, others are longer.That means that if for example the length of the man’s penis is much greater than the length of the vaginal canal it might be very uncomfortable for a woman during intercourse and the sexual reflexology points which are found along the penis and inside the vaginal.

Canal won’t be properly stimulated since the size of the penis and vagina don’t match.That also means that there is the right lid for every pot.Thought 3 another issue leading to the frustration of many men is that every man sees his own penis in a foreshortened view.That means that the angle at which you look down inevitably makes your penis seem shorter than it actually is.So when you see another man naked his penis will always look bigger to you even though it might be exactly the same size as your penis.

Just sayin.Thought 4 the negative impact that porn has on the sexual confidence and stamina of men is huuuuggge.And this shit works subconsciously.Think about it in porn movies they rarely show average dicks but usually the unnaturally long and thick once.And of course porn movies only show women who can’t have it big enough and can only by looking at a big dick squirt like a squirt machine.And since you probably don’t see many naked men around you porn is for many the only time they see another men fully naked.

So please be aware of the fact that porn might have affected your selfesteem more than you think, honey.Thought 5 the reason most men want a big penis is because they think a big dick equals big sex.And it’s not just men who think so but also women.The problem here is that 90 of this world has never seen any proper, conscious sex education.Most men and women have no clue about sex and think sex is all about boobs, butt, penis pussy.And all of this leads to so much confusion, pain, insecurity, insatisfaction and a lifetime.

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Your presence and awareness is everything honey.To a woman nothing is more exciting than to be with a man who truly honors and sees her.Here and now.Someone who looks at her with respect, admiration, compassion and love when she is naked.This alone will make her sexual juices flow abundantly and open her into a whole nother universe.I promise she won’t think a minute about your penis size if you are able to fill your penis and whole being with light, confidence and presence.To get more present you will have to consciously work on yourself.It won’t come overnight.

Besides personal development and inner healing work you can explore conscious breathing practices, qi gong, yoga, tantra or meditation practices.The great frida kahlo once said take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic.Don’t settle for anything less, honey.You deserve exactely that.Someone like this will help you become more of what you are.With someone of this quality you will be able to sit down and share your heart.Because what is most important to great sex is not a big penis, a tight pussy or the perfect body, but an open heart, the right.

Kinda energy and lots of communication to create the best experience for both of you.Yo babe.I know i tricked you a bit with these 6 tips to enlarge your penis.And maybe it wasn’t exactly what you were expecting, but believe me when i say that it is exactly what you needed to hear.We all have to take a step back from the pure physicality of sex and understand that sex is bigger than this, that real sex got very little to do with a big penis, big breasts.

Coffee with a Cop event helps residents reconnect with police

Ped by for coffee with a cop.Martin these coffee with a cop events have been going on for a long time, across kansas city, and across the country, for that matter.But given what’s happened the last couple of weeks in dallas and baton rouge, and especially with what’s happened this week in kansas city, kansas, they take on even more importance.Gtgt it is a rare opportunity, just a chat getting to know , the person who wears the uniform.Martin for laura daimler, whose son nolan got rock star treatment,.

It was an unexpected surprise.Gtgt i love it.Just because they’re so , friendly.We walked in, i didn’t know this was going on.Martin that’s the idea, for police and the public, to encounter one aother, in a relaxed environment, rather than in a crisis.Gtgt a lot of times it is the worst day of their lives when we have communication with them.So the opportunity to come and talk to them in this kind of environment, they can ask us what they want to ask us, and we.

Growing Grapes

We have plenty of wild concord grapes on our property.However, the insurance company doesn’t approve of our harvesting methods so it’s probably best to plant some cultivated grapes.When i cleared the land for the greenhouse, it left plenty of area to plant various fruit producing plants which don’t need the greenhouse to thrive.Plus why waste the space just growing grass taking a look at my 3rd grade drawing skills, i’m going to set three 4x4x10′ treated posts 34 feet into the ground and space them 24′ apart.This will allow for 8 plants in the.

Space.Then i’ll string 12 gauge galvanized wire starting with the first wire 4246 from the ground, then space the other two 12 apart.The plants can be spaced 6′ apart and over time the vines can be trained along the 3 wires.I had planned to set the posts first in the event that i hit any large rocks while digging, however i blew a seal on the backhoe and had to find some parts for it.So i took my chances and put the plants in first.The row should go in a straight line and a 100′ tape measure.

Works well for marking out the locations of each post and plant.Jamming a piece of survey’s tape at each mark does the trick.We’re going oldschool and using a pickaxe and shovel and digging a hole about 1 foot deep.Luckily there weren’t any large rocks in the way just a few roots and small stones that the pickaxe was able to pluck out.Later, looking at the post holes, you’ll see why i didn’t dig them by hand.Planting the vines is fairly easy.I got these seedless concord grapes from gurney’s for.

Half price.I just remove the fiber that’s used for keeping the roots damp, spread out the roots a bit, and set it in the hole so that all the roots that emerge from the vine will be just below the finished level of the soil.All the dirt that came out of the hole was hardpan so i filled it with nice organic soil, then compacted it down, and gave it a really good watering.It also important to cover the area with mulch to help maintain the moisture in the soil until the roots can get established.These will get watered every.

Day for a couple of weeks.The actual work of planting the vines is quick.It’s the preparation of digging out the rocks that takes all the time.A 30 cent oring and a day to dismantle and reassemble the valve assembly and the backhoe is running again.I can now install the posts for the wire arbor.It may not be the fastest backhoe, but it beats digging through the rock with a pick and shovel.The holes are dug to about 4 feet which will provide a deep enough anchor to prevent the posts from leaning.

From the future weight of the vines.Some of the rocks that i pulled out where bigger than the hole.If i had to dig these by hand, i probably would have only dug down a couple of feet, and then would have to anchor the posts with concrete and guywires.It seems like a really big hole for a post, but without an auger with rock drilling bit, it’s probably the easiest way to set a post.A little cleanup at the bottom of the hole and it’s ready.I’m using 4×4 treated lumber rated for direct burial.I’m not a fan of.

Using treated lumber, but in order for it to last a long time, it’s a necessary evil.I like to add two temporary cleats to the post to help support it while i’m set it plumb and backfill the hole.I also like to drop a few rocks around the base to hold it in place when i start to fill it in.I’ll fill the hole several inches at a time and compact it between each layer, then clean up the area with some more woodchip mulch.The first wire starts roughly 4246 inches from the ground and the second and 3 wires.

Are spaced 12 inches apart.It will be the perfect snacking height for the deer.At each marking i’ll drill a 38 hole through the post and then put in a 516 eyebolt.The back side has a large fender washer and nut.Having a large washer will help to keep the nut from pulling into the post under the weight of the vines.It’s fairly important to make sure the eye bolt is an inch or more too long so you can tighten the nut if there’s a little slack in the wire.

I’m using 12 gauge galvanized wire and i like to roll it out first and cut it to its rough length.Then i insert it through the bolt and bend it back on to itself, anchoring it with a wire clamp.The wire is stiff enough where you probably could just twist it over itself, but i just prefer the wire clamp.I drilled holes through the center post, but most people usually just staple the wire to the side of the post.I’m a bit obsessive compulsive and can’t handle having a bunch.

Of rusty staples in the posts.On the far end, i feed the remaining wire through the eye bolt pulling the wire as tight as i can, then anchor it with another wire clamp.The nut on the eye bolts can be tightened if there is any extra slack in the wire, but if there’s too much, it can be brought tight by pulling the wire tight through the eye bolt and resetting the cable clamp.A couple of the posts didn’t get buried quite deep enough so i trimmed off the tops just.

How to use Honey for Rooting Cuttings

Hi there! in this short tutorial i’m just going to be showing you how you can grow cuttings using honey instead of rooting powder and the reason why i am switching to honey is because it is more environmentally friendly, it’s organic and apparently its good really good results and i am beginning to get quit a few cuttings now rooting using some honey.So basically use a finger or a dibberpencil or whatever you want and create nice drills like that.And here are some spirea cuttings and i have a tutorial on it.So what you are.

Going to do it get your honey an dip it, dip the spirea in and them firm it down like that.Also with rooting cuttings you can also wound it as you can see like that, just get a layer off of the skin and then dip it in at a slight angle to get the honey on that wound.And wounding a cutting is very good to help increase the chance for it to root.And so that’s how you grow cuttings using honey instead of rooting hormone and thank you very much for watching.

Grape planting with the Groasis Technology to save water at Will Bucklins Old Hill Ranch

Sahibi will bucklin olan old hill ranch sonoma’nn en eski zm balarndan biridir.Bucklin ekolojik retime inanmaktaBunun anlam, onun balar salkl yaam ile doludur.Kurbaalar waterboxx altndaki nemli ortam severler.Mikroplar, bakteriler ve solucanlar boluklar oluturmaktaBylece toprak tamamen oksijen ile dolmaktaGroasis waterboxx salkl kk geliimini salar.Yumuak ve verimli bir ortam oluturur.Derinlere nfuz eden bitkinin kkleri ok gl.Bitkiyi topraktan kazarak karmak ok zor.Dikimin yapld temmuz 2010 dan sonra 20 den fazla dikey radikal kk olumu bu film ekim aynda, dikimden 4 ay sonra ekilmitir.Ve bitki kklerinin tamamen dikine olduunu grebilirsiniz.

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