How To Plant Grape Cuttings

By | December 3, 2016

How Can There Be Seedless Grapes

Hi, I’m Josh Clark. And I’m wondering have you ever been to a grocery store, picked up some seedless grapes, eaten them, and then just stopped dead in your tracks and thought, wait a minute, how can something that needs seeds to reproduce be seedless. These grapes shouldn’t even exist.

I mean, yes these seedless grapes can be here. But what about its children? I’m here to answer this existential question for you. It turns out that most of the fruit we eat are clones of other fruit. Most fruits is propagated including seedless grapes, through cuttings. So they don’t need to have seeds.

Rather than following the traditional angiosperm method of reproduction, which means producing seeds, and fruit to cover those things. So to produce a new bunch of seedless grapes, a whole new plant, you take a cutting from an existing vine. You dip that cutting in rooting hormone. And you put that cutting in a little bit of nice warm soil. A little moisture and you’ve got a new vine.

That’s going to produce more seedless grapes. They never have to produce seeds because they never have to reproduce. But where do the seedless grapes come from to begin with? Turns out somewhere along the line, somebody noticed some grapes that didn’t produce seeds well. And said, hey, this is a genetic defect that I could really cash in on.

Let me just keep propagating this one grape. So all the seedless grapes today are descendants of clones of that original freak of nature seedless grape. Which you can thank the guy who figured that one out. And one last thing, the seedless grapes you eat actually do have seeds in them. They have the beginning of seeds that due to that genetic mutation we talked about, never.

Form the hard outer shell, which means you never choke on a grape seed. You can thank that guy, whoever his name is, he was a good guy. If you like this tutorial, you’re going to love all the tutorials on this YouTube channel. You can go ahead and subscribe. Maybe leave a nice little comment and just watch tutorials all day long.

You’ll love them.

Ordering Grape Vines from Harvest Express Planting

All right so we finally got our vines in we ordered them from harvest express dot com they come in bundles of 15 we’ve got 3 bundles for 44 plants. We’ll have one extra and we’ll figure out what to do with that later. This is the box it came in. All forty five vines are in this little box. Next day shipping was really nice. So lets open it up and see we’ve got in there Alright, so inside the bag.

We’ve got all forty five vines and they come in bundles of fifteen as you can see here this is how they come, just little cuttings we’ll be planting these in the rows today. Also coming with the vines careful not to break them are little covers for them, these will help keep them moist new plantings come out of the freezer and they tend to be very susceptible to dehydration so these will help keep the.

Soil moist until the roots get established and all the irrigation gets sorted out all that kinda stuff press it in about two inches deep and there you go the little guy’s right in there so we’ve got all the plants planted and in the ground all forty four of them got sleeves on, they’re wet uh. only thing that’s left to do now is change the irrigation a little bit so.

The new vines can get plenty of water uh. we’ll be dooing that next but uh. it’ll be a few months before we get any good growth on there so we’ll check back as soon as we’ve got something to show. Sp for wine at home dot tv, I will talk to you later.

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