How To Plant A Vine

By | October 24, 2016

Hi I’m Stan DeFreitas, quot;Mr. Green Thumbquot;.If you are looking for an outstanding plant as a plant that you can use on a fence oron top of some type of a trellis you’ve got to think of the passion vine. Passion vinescome in a number of different colors, some come in red, some come in a red orange orthis one, and it?s an outstanding kind of a bluish purple color. It’s one that you saywhere the passion fruit comes from. We’ve all had passion juice; well it comes fromthe passion fruit which comes after the flower. Of course if you want to have this one, justthink if you had a whole fence row of these planted you would have something that peoplewould be stopping at your door, saying gosh

that’s a beautiful plant. They’re relativelyeasy to grow. Make sure they get full sun, improve the soil. Make sure that you waterfaithfully to get them started and you’ll have to water them during the dry times becausethe foliage actually starts to wilt if it gets too, too dry. But it’s a beautiful plant.If you’ve got an area where somewhat on the hot and dry side, well make sure you do giveit enough water. It will do well, it doesn’t take cold very well. So if you’ve got it ina very cold location put it into a green house or put it into an area where you can protectit. Maybe leave it in the container. From gardening I’m Stan DeFreitas, quot;Mr. Green Thumbquot;.

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