How To Grow Wisteria Vine

By | November 19, 2016

Growing Wisteria At Home With P Allen Smith

These flowers are going to be the ceiling of my outdoor garden room. Isn’t it amazing how plants can add so much to an outdoor living space? For instance, this plant has become one of my favorites for many reasons. This is actually a Wisteria. It’s called, Wisteria Frutescens Amethyst Falls. I know, it’s a mouth full. But just remember American Wisteria. It’s not like the Chinese Wisteria that you see growing up in trees that gets out of hand; it can be a garden thug. It’s not like the long reseamed Japanese Wisteria, which we grow here as kind of lollipop trees. This has a very short reseam, almost like clusters of grapes. And it doesn’t grow rampantly. So, it’s a wellbehaved friend in the garden.

And just look how beautiful these look in these tiny little glass vases on this table out here. You see, what I love about this space is that it’s its own room. It’s a long narrow room. But it’s covered by this arbor. And it’s 18 feet this way. And it’s about 6 feet this way. And it may seem like not much space, but look, I’ve got about 20 different containers back here. Plenty of room for those and all the beautiful things I can grow in those. And over time, what I want is this Wisteria to grow from each of the corner columns and cover the timbers up at the top. You’ll notice that those were never painted. Just the vertical columns have been painted. And these timbers up here, have been allowed to.

Sort of mellow and have a nice silvery patina on them. Now, on the other side, I’ve got one of these Wisterias really rocking and doing exactly what I want. It’s beginning to cover the top. So in a couple of years this will have it’s own roof, or ceiling, and really feel like an outdoor garden room. And getting this little guy to grow up here is really no big deal. And you see, I’ve identified 5 of the strongest canes, and I just keep them clipped back. And I’ve tied it with just some jute, or some garden twine. And, what you do is just keep sort of encouraging it to grow. And I’ll get on a ladder and I’ll sort of pull it up and tie up there a little higher each time, and keep clipping. And what.

I want, eventually, is just to have sort of the foliage and blooms starting right about here, just above my head. And the whole upper level being completely covered with this green and purple. It’ll be really beautiful. Now, no matter what Wisteria you happen to grow, you need to know: for them to really bloom like this they need full sun, they need well drained soil, and you want to make sure their the soil is consistently moist, so those roots don’t dry out. If you’re enjoying these segments on how to make your outdoor living life even more beautiful and enjoyable, subscribe to eHow Home.

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