Grape Vine Species

By | October 2, 2016

Guavas are healthy delicious fruits whichare easy to grow in your garden in today’s tutorial we will look at three absolutely delicious guava varieties and howto care for your guava trees so the first variety of guava we are looking atis the Mexican White guava now all guavas are tropicalplants which means that they do not tolerate cold very well so although youcan easily grow them in states like California Florida Hawaii and many otherstates where the temperatures are warm if you have cold temperatures the guavaplants do not tolerate cold and if you

have cold temperatures you can still grow guavasbut you can grow them in containers so as you can see here the guava treeit sprawls into a nice beautiful looking canopy the Mexican white guava does not grow into a very large tree as you can see here but thistree which is about five feet tall and about five years old produces a lot of guavas and as you cansee here the fruits are pretty large in size and the tree is absolutely loadedwith fruits in fact during the months of the fruting season the tree becomes soheavy that it has to be supported and as

you can see this Mexican white guavaproduces really large fruit absolutely large fruits that are a little bit on thefirmer side compared to the other guava varieties and tastewise they’re also notvery sweet so these guavas are excellent if you like guavas which are not sweet but have a mild andsour taste to them it’s a mix of sour and sweetness in this guava so that’s whatmakes this guava taste very unique it’s not extremely sweet and this is the reasonthis is one of my favorite guava varieties to grow if you like guavas that are not very sweet if you justwanna eat them raw this is a great

guava variety it also has a lot ofvitamin C usually guavas that have lesser sugars have higher amounts ofvitamin C so this is a great, healthy guava variety to grow out of all the othervarieties now let’s look at the fruits, so the fruits as youcan see here are pretty large this guava produced the largest amount of fruit andthe largest size of fruits as well compared to all the other guava plants asyou can see her it’s almost at six pounds here these four guavas so it’s avery productive plant and for the

plant of about five feet tall it’s agreat plant that you can grow in your garden and now let’s look at how theguava looks like from the inside because this is a very important characteristicof every guava plant as you can see it’s a little hard to cut this guava becauseit’s pretty firm and not soft at all as you can see here so it does have seedsit has a lot of seeds hard seeds so if you have good teeth than you can chew thoseseeds you can eat this guava raw so to summarize the Mexican white guava has a tree that grows upto about five to six feet it produces a

lot of guavas the fruit size is medium tolarge the guava tastes a little bit on the sour to sweet sidenot very sweet and then it produces guavas that have a lot ofseeds a lot of hard seeds and firm pulp Now let’s look at the second guava varietywhich is the ruby red guava now this is as tropicalas a guava gets because this is a typicaltropical plant as you can see here sprawling, almost dwarfkind of a tree but it spreads very wide rather

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