Grape Fence

By | October 6, 2016

John ClarkTechnology in Grape Breeding Where’d you get them peppers on those grapes?A question often asked when visitors come to the University of Arkansas Fruit ResearchStation, a part of the Division of Agriculture. Well, these aren’t peppers, they’re grapes,just about like you buy in the store, but have unique shapes. This is an example of innovation that happenswhen technology development, where may be you get a little something different thanyou intended. Through breeding over the last 50 years, theDivision has created a number of different

grapes, including this one with elongatedshape. Unfortunately, this grape does not grow exceptionally well in Arkansas and won’tbe commercialized here. But this elongated shape can be used in other locations in thecountry where grapes of this type can be grown more easily and create unique innovative products. Do you think you would remember a grape likethis? I imagine so. To learn more about this and other topics,contact your county extension agent and visit

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