Grafting Grapes

By | April 18, 2017

It is 29th of august today. These are some pear trees in my garden which have fruit. This variety is conference This is an other variety :Bonne Louise : Its original variety was early ripening.

And two year back it had so much fruit that its weight broke its main stem which came down. This is its original variety I added lots of graft on its second branch This is one of them,.

Pyrus communis butirra, variety This is an other graft :condo: This is an other graft doyenne du comice This is a small pear tree I added some grafts on it before.

Which have some fruit hanging That is conference variety This is second one , Bonne Louise, which has a lot of fruit. and next to it is :Saphira: variety. which has some fruit on it.

This is conference variety and on the same branch :Concorde: This is Concorde graft. It is saddle graft. and this is saddle graft as well pyrus communis butirra.

This is an other small pear tree I have grafted five or six varieties on it This is an other pear tree This graft, you are looking at, was done on 21st June Conference is its original variety.

I have added lots of grafts on it This is Saphira This is an other one, Red Williams, There is lot of fruit this year I had added lot of grafts on this tree It is conference as well.

Look at the fruit on this small graft This is a small graft with two pears on. Recently I did few grafts on it and this is one of them. I grafted it on 22nd of September last year. Grafting is still visible.

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