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By | November 21, 2016

Prairie Yard Garden Growing Grapes

(gentle music) Prairie Yard Garden is a production of the University of Minnesota Morris in cooperation with Pioneer Public Television. Closed captioning is provided by Mark and Margaret YackelJuleen in honor of Shalom Hill Farm, a nonprofit rural education retreat center in a beautiful.

Prairie setting near Windom in southwestern Minnesota. Shalom Hill Farm, shalomhill Did you hear that a new crop is appearing on the prairie? Growing grapes has created an interest among a few individuals who like the challenge of adapting it to our region. Join me on Prairie Yard Garden as we visit a vineyard to learn about the process and challenges.

Of growing grapes on the prairie. (soft lighthearted music) A new crop has appeared on the prairie: growing grapes And today I have Florian Ledermann with me who’s been involved with the process for the last four to five years. Florian welcome to the show and tell me, how did you get interested in growing grapes? ^We got interested actually at the.

University of Morris’s Horticultural Night. We sat down in a tent and learned that the university just released four new varieties of grapes that are actually coldhardy. And before that, I always kind of figured grapes were the crop that just kind of came up and never really bore and died every winter and died back. So that’s what spiked our interest.

And so that very next spring, we bought five. And they survived and I did a little more research and decided to go with an acre. And a year later, another acre so we ended up with 1,350 vines as a result of that little adventure in Morris. Larry That’s interesting. 1,300 vines, how long does it take you.

To put all those in the ground? Florian We used family labor. (Florian laughs) So we had, it took us, I think probably when we were planting, it took us about three days to put one acre in. That would be for the planting. The posts and the trellis system and everything.

That, of course, took a lot longer than that but we did that piecemeal. But you gotta get the grapes in the ground when they’re ready to plant, and so that’s about what it takes. We dug the holes actually with a power auger system, and then we could go and do it really quickly. Larry And a trellis is a very important part of growing grapes.

The California Garden In June Tomatoes Grapes More in 4K

Hello friends in the monthly gardening series of tutorials today we will look at the California garden in the month of june since we have a lot of things to cover in today’s episode i have listed down all the parts of the tutorial that we will be looking at today jingle so let’s start with a tour of the garden so the onions are growing well and are continuing to form bulbs in the next bed we have okra that has grown a little bit taller now and look at the.

This corn bed so I dedicated one raised bed or two growing corn only and you can see that it’s a jungle out there the peppers and eggplants are also growing very well and we will go over all of these vegetables in detail in a later section of the tutorial and the tomatoes have grown very well too as you can see we have made sure that the tomatoes have remained disease free for the most part and they’re doing pretty well we have several varieties of tomatoes growing you can see the yellow tomatoes there are some red cherry tomatoes red beefsteak tomatoes as well so all in all.

Our tomato bed is doing very well and moving on to the heist and beans we covered growing this bean in our previous monthly tutorial and it’s growing pretty well this bed had garlic which we harvested and replace that with some bush beans I also have some peppers and eggplants that are growing in containers towards the corner as you can see here jingle so we have some carrots growing these are the atomic red carrots.

We planted them in whiskey barrels and they’re growing pretty well and should be ready for harvest a very soon our pomegranate trees are growing very well this year now pomegranates need some chill hours which means that they need cooler winters in order to produce good fruit luckily we had some good chilly days this winter and as you can see here the pomegranate tree is growing well its producing a lot of flowers and it’s producing a lot of fruit and.

And we should be able to harvest these pomegranates by around october or november this year we also have on moringa plans that are growing and flowering like crazy I hope to get to harvest some parts later during the summer we have our bitter gourd that’s growing in a container this is the first year i’m growing these in containers after a long time and they seem to be doing well as you can see here the fruit.

Is being formed the bitter melon extremely healthy for you you should try growing this sometime if you haven’t already tried it and moving on to our hyacinth beans as we saw growing pretty well now hyacinth beans are very different variety of beans i have another tutorial where I have covered a growing hyacinth beans in complete detail so this is how it looks like the pods are quite flat and it tastes very different than regular beans if you haven’t tried growing hyacinth beans give it a shot.

It’s great when you eat it stir fried and if you have some coconut to it you can make some great dishes with hyacinth beans we also have some radish that is growing now although it’s the summer season we’ve had some cooler days we’ve had some cloudy days so all this helps radish to grow well and as you can see here this radish has not only grown lovely greens it has grown several nice stout roots as well and they should be ready to harvest in about a week or two.

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