By | January 18, 2017

Hamilton, i am a founding father, Youre a lightweight why do you even bother I shaped America, what did you do You made a big bank, nothing new Im the father of democracy, For the people and by the people, Thats how it’s supposed to be.

You think youre lit because youre with washington You can take your opinions and shove it in Im great. Every white male wants to be me Everything I do has an impact Im legendary AntiFederalist, DemocraticRepublican.

Id do anything for my brethren Youre secretary of the treasury, youre in charge of the money Look what Judas did to Jesus straight treachery Im the president who are you.

Ill end your life and take your wife too. Founder of the Federalist Party, First party that was voterbased. A new American democracy will surely just fall into place. Jefferson you say you want democracy.

But homie youre a slave holder A slave child asking where his moms at but Thomas you just sold her But did you forget where you and your people live Here sir, the people govern.

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