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By | October 26, 2016

Get Ready with Me Holiday Party

hi Im morgan from the channel kasey and morgan and today Im going to film a get ready with me holiday party umm and I have a holiday party today today and im going to show you my outfit and my makeup and hair now I have to pick outwhat I’m going to wear and I just looked in my closet until I found what I wanted to wear I just picked out this white dress and put that on

then I started with makeup and started withthe concealer from Bare Minerals in the shade light two i put that under my eyes, under my nose and then i just rubbed that in and then I took a little powderfoundation and put that all the my face and then I took a little white eyeshadow put that inthe corner of my eyeballs and then some concealer primer and putthat on my eyelids and then I put a little bit of white

eyeshadow on my eyes mwa then i followed up with some gold so I’d have a gold shimmery eyeball. then i just touched up with the white and underlined my eyeballs haha and then with an eye(lash) curler I curled my eyelashes yep and then just this mascara from Bare Minerals andthen a little bit a blush and then some red lipstick which I swatched in the corner and I was thinking about taking it off cause i didn’t think it looked good and it had some

black dots everywhere but right now I was about to take it offI decided not to because looked OK and you can really seethe black dots everywhere so than that was done with makeupand now onto the hair I just used a hair tie and I put my hairhalf up half down with out taking the part out and now I’m ready for my party my hairs done my makeup done and I got a dress on now its time to go to go thankyou so much for watching this tutorial

I hope you enjoyed it it and happy holidays *snaping I hope to see you next time please subscribe for more awesome tutorials to come thank you for watching, peace out! products listed down below now you can click on this old awkward

selfie of mine to see my last tutorialwhich was everyday makeup routine.

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