Best Growing Vines

By | January 10, 2017

Vines are great vertical accents for the garden, not only adding color, texture, and form, but in many cases flowers. Here is what’s considered to be, quote unquote, the cadillac of the vines, the Climbing Hydrangea. It’s really a glorious vine because of the fact that it has outstanding clean, glossy green foliage. In the wintertime when the leaves aren’t on the plant, the bark on these stems is kind of a flaking, peeling, rustic orange looking, which is quite attractive.

And then somewhere around late may, early june it has these large flowers, which tend to cover the plant. It’s a rather vigorous plant. Now the thing about Climbing Hydrangea is number 1, it needs something to climb on. Because of the fact that it climbs by aerial roots it needs a rough textured surface to do so. So rough textured lumber, stone, masonry, is preferred as opposed to like say a cyclone fence, or a slick siding, like vinyl or something like that. That will get you this nice covering right here.

The other thing about to note about climbing hydrangea is that they tend to do best in a little bit of filtered light. Full shade, they don’t flower well. Give it some light and they flower well. That’s why you sometimes see, especially on a vine like this, that part of the vine is not flowering as much as this part which tends to get more western sun. And the third thing I can mention about Climbing Hydrangea is that they’re slow to start, but once they start growing, they grow extremely fast, and they’re sometimes fickle.

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